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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Relationship Can Overcome Loneliness

I watched as the airplane circled and landed on a vast stretch of snow. A young man stepped out with his gear and stood alone watching the plane disappear. As I watched I felt an overwhelming sense of loneliness. It was the movie, "Never Cry Wolf".

The only other time I felt such an overwhelming sense of loneliness I watched my son standing alone on an airstrip as my plane took off. He was a couple of thousand miles from home and knew no one there. Relationships, wherever we are,can make the difference between feeling unbearably alone in vast space or feeling connected to others and the strength and beauty of the universe.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Lesson from Ted Robinson

Elva and I met Ted Robinson, author of "Water in My Veins" at our writers' group. Later I read his autobiography which is a series of true short stories from his life that teach life lessons.

Ted's father died when Ted was a small boy. His grandfather, who was deaf, took responsibility for the family and became the father Ted didn't have. His grandfather had lost his own wife and soul mate. He told Ted, "GIVIN' BEATS GETTIN' EVERY TIME". Everyone who aspires to become a soul mate can learn from his story. By giving up his life to save the family he really saved his own life.

blog written by Everett Anson

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Guest Blog from My Soul Mate

When Elva and I teach classes on marriage, I often wonder what people in the class think about me. What type of a mate am I? Do they think I am a mousy compliant man who could easily be turned into a soul mate? Or am I handsome, strong, loving, intelligent, kind, and respectful, the perfect man every woman wishes she could meet?

The truth is I am neither. I am a jerk sometimes and a nice person at times, Just an ordinary guy who often doesn't listen and can be preoccupied with my own interests.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Get-Away to California's North Coast

The French Garden restaurant

We had been planning our latest get-away for awhile--a two night trip to Gualala, a small town on the gorgeous California North Coast. Over the years that magical part of the world has become our get-away haven. Again, nature smiled on us. Mild sunshine wiped out the cold rainy weather we had been having. Walking beside the ocean with no jackets, we soaked up the warmth and the beauty of the ocean storing it in our memories for the coming winter.

We have a number of choices for routes to our destination. Last spring we chose to go through Sebastopol. On the west side of town we passed a restaurant called The French Garden. We stopped for lunch and the exquisite food was a delightful surprise. I had the best beet salad I have ever eaten. This trip we planned to arrive at The French Garden for brunch. We were not disappointed. I savored each mouthful of the seafood and spinach quiche. I have never eaten a better quiche. The restaurant grows most of their food at a nearby farm.

This trip has been a time of renewal of intense love, energy, and gratitude for every day of life we have together.