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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Kauai Coast Resort--Everett's Version

The idea of Elva and I both writing about our getaway to Kauai didn't appeal to me at first. We have been to Kauai before, but this was different. We had a suite overlooking the ocean near Wailua at the Kauai Coast Resort. We have always enjoyed the ocean. I often say the waves rolling in on the beach and going back out to the sea are like a mental massage that takes our cares away. We sit on our balcony, feel the cool ocean breeze and watch the waves relentlessly wash up on the shore.

It is a place like this where we talk to each other the most and share our inner feelings. On this trip I finished "The Story" which is a condensation of the entire Bible. I also read Elva's book, "Becoming Soul Mates" from cover to cover. I had read parts of it before. I am amazed at how close we've become over the last 60 years. I can hardly believe I was ever as young as I was when some of the things she wrote about happened. It has been good to refresh my memories. I am very glad Elva said yes to me when I proposed to her so long ago. Getaways are wonderful!!

Getaway to Kauai Coast Resort

 Ours is the closest balcony on the 3rd floor.

By the time I was 45 years old I had visited 16 countries, but I had never been to Hawaii. One day the mail brought a brochure from the Psychiatric Congress advertising an interesting workshop to be held in the spring. This was a chance to go to Hawaii and pick up half of my 36 required CEU's at the same time. I signed up and talked my husband into joining me.

The day we arrived in Lihue I remember smelling the exotic fragrance of thousands of flowers. All the way from the airport to our hotel at Poipu Beach I was catching my breath in awe at the beauty surrounding us. By the time we reached the Tunnel of Trees, I had run out of words to adequately match my feelings of wonder. Paradise is an overworked word on the island of Kauai.

We have just returned from another week in Kauai. In spite of the devastation caused by a hurricane in 1992, the island looks much the same. The biggest change since we were here a few years ago is the increase in traffic. I don't know whether it is because of an increase in population, an increase in the number of tourists, or because more residents can afford cars; maybe all of those things.

This getaway has been as close to heaven as anything I can imagine. Our third floor ocean front unit at Kauai Coast Resort with its balcony just 50 to 60 feet from the ocean is truly a memory creating place. We have filled it with hugs and kisses, words of love, and expressoins of joy. Hawaii is truly a place where love comes easily.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

California Coast Getaway

by Guest Blogger--Michele Penn Zumwalt
Yesterday morning while John Zumwalt was sleeping, I decided to look at our route for today. We had planned to drive up the California coast and I was secretly worried about the roads and CLIFFS we would be driving. As I scanned the blue line up Hwy 1, all along the coast, my heart started to pound and my hands got sweaty. I decided right then and there. I was NOT going on that road.
When John woke up, I had two routes to Carmel all laid out for him. My argument for the second route looked like this: The original route along the coast would take an HOUR longer than just heading back to the inland Hwy 101 and going straight up.
I said. "It will be much faster and then we can spend more time in Carmel."
After 21 years of marriage, I cannot hide much and persuasion is easy. He simply said, "Baby, I'll 
go whichever way you want to go, but I thought you wanted to see this part of the coastline." 
He left the decision to me. Encouraging me to face my fears  and promising to drive SLOW. we said prayers and began the most beautiful drive we've ever been on together. When we reached Carmel , I told Johnny Z. all of the things I would NEVER have done without him: scuba diving, karate, and much more. I told him how grateful I am for his gentle, encouraging way and his constant confidence in me.
This morning I woke up thanking God once again for opening my mind, for trying new things and for a husband who says, YOU CAN DO IT, and it will be FUN. You know what? It always is.
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