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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

California Coast Getaway

by Guest Blogger--Michele Penn Zumwalt
Yesterday morning while John Zumwalt was sleeping, I decided to look at our route for today. We had planned to drive up the California coast and I was secretly worried about the roads and CLIFFS we would be driving. As I scanned the blue line up Hwy 1, all along the coast, my heart started to pound and my hands got sweaty. I decided right then and there. I was NOT going on that road.
When John woke up, I had two routes to Carmel all laid out for him. My argument for the second route looked like this: The original route along the coast would take an HOUR longer than just heading back to the inland Hwy 101 and going straight up.
I said. "It will be much faster and then we can spend more time in Carmel."
After 21 years of marriage, I cannot hide much and persuasion is easy. He simply said, "Baby, I'll 
go whichever way you want to go, but I thought you wanted to see this part of the coastline." 
He left the decision to me. Encouraging me to face my fears  and promising to drive SLOW. we said prayers and began the most beautiful drive we've ever been on together. When we reached Carmel , I told Johnny Z. all of the things I would NEVER have done without him: scuba diving, karate, and much more. I told him how grateful I am for his gentle, encouraging way and his constant confidence in me.
This morning I woke up thanking God once again for opening my mind, for trying new things and for a husband who says, YOU CAN DO IT, and it will be FUN. You know what? It always is.
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