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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Parenting Changes Your Marriage

In listening to the other fourteen parenting experts on the Parenting Summit during the past three weeks, what struck me was the powerful advice given by the experts who are mothers themselves. All of them described the impact of the birth of that first child.

The surprising feeling of helplessness, loneliness, crushing responsibility, complete entrapment and the guilt for those feelings kept us looking ahead with some anxiety. Feeling such feelings just added to the hopelessness, because we tried to hide the fear and show only the joy.Every mother who shared on this program wanted children and loved the baby, but somehow the complexity and power of the conflicting feelings came as a shock. The birth of the baby changed our lives forever.

Women handle this huge change in different ways. The women in the Summit were women open to learning. Most of them had jobs teaching, counseling, writing or in some way significantly connected to parenting or with children. Some of the experts shared clinical information. I am sure that was helpful to some listeners. Some were young and some were old like me.

More and more the clinical information makes me smile because reading books like most of us did before becoming parents didn't prevent the panic. Help! How do I do this and what if I make a mistake! An awesome responsibility which can lead to putting the marriage and yourself on hold. That never works in relationship.

I plan to share some valuable follow-up in the next few weeks. You can still access the free summit for the next few days by going to Once you have registered you will get an email with Day l, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4 and so on. Click on the icon. My interview is on Day 4. Interviews are 30 minutes. The information is excellent and all it takes is a little of your time. 

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Becoming Soul Mates and Great Parents, Too

Purposeful Parenting: Expert Advice

Parenting Coach, Elisabeth Stitt, has put together a free online event called, "Purposeful Parenting: Expert Advice on Creating Your Own Family Plan". She has invited me to participate as an expert speaker along with 14 other professionals in fields like nutrition, financial literacy, emotional resiliency, talking to kids, how to stay grounded as a parent, and relationship skills. I am thrilled to be a part of it

To get your free access go to Once you register, starting July 6, 2015, there will be a new audio interview released every day. It's that easy! Audio recordings can be accessed by phone, computer, in your car, ipad, or even during your workout. Curious about who will be speaking along side me? Go to and check it out.

Again, the only way to get access to all this free awesome advice (and my interview with Elisabeth) is sign up here:

Let me know if you get something out of my interview "Becoming Soul Mates and Great Parents, Too" It airs on Wed. July 8th. Soul Mate relationship faces many challenges after that first baby arrives. I would love to hear your stories.