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Monday, August 30, 2010

Marriott Hotel in Green Desert

The monsoon season brings fierce thunderstorms and heavy rains that paint the Arizona desert green in August. The magnificent Tucson Marriott hotel sits on a hill overlooking the city and this surprising resurrection of life in the usually arid vegetation.

Everett and I spent a memorable night at this grand resort mecca. We sat out on the large terrace watching the city lights appear in the distance while listening to guitarist, Gabriel Romo Francisco, play his guitar. As we listened a road runner stopped by to see what we were eating. We will never forget this very special night or our morning hike in the desert through the saguaro and other cacti bursting with blooms.

Often when I wish Eric lived closer to us, I realize he has broadened our world by sharing his love of the desert. We always look forward to the two times a year we see him. How else would we have seen a mother coyote trotting along the desert trail with two pups or a road runner curiously skipping around the Marriott terrace?

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Get-Away to Tucson

Visiting our son in Tucson, Arizona prompted another lovers' get-away. We decided to go through Tioga Pass, something neither of us had done. We marveled at the high mountain lakes and sheer granite walls that cradled them. We ate our lunch at crystal blue Tenaya Lake where patches of snow reminded us that this high country had no passable roads for much of the year.

Brooks and streams criss-cross lush green Tuolomne Meadows and collect in small ponds and lakes. We spent that night in Bishop. At a one-of-a-kind restaurant called Whiskey Creek we had chicken stuffed with artichokes and creamed spinach served with rice and asparagus. Very good!

We made our lunch each morning before leaving. Thursday's lunch we ate while delayed by road construction on desert highway 247 south of Barstow. We spent that night with long-time friends in Palm Springs.

More tomorrow.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

You Need to Know about "Gray Divorce"

Born between 1946 and 1964, baby boomers already have a divorce rate triple that of their parents. They have started a new trend dubbed "gray divorce" splitting up after 20 or more years of marriage.

What does that mean? Are the baby boomers creating a cultural change or are they caught in one? Is it a part of a new value system? Are people still looking for an illusive soul mate, but not realizing they need to learn how to become one? Do people grow apart gradually and then find it difficult to get through the stressful transitions in life?

What is the chance of becoming soul mates in short term relationships or during the stress of aging? I welcome your comments.