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Sunday, July 27, 2008


Interesting question...How would you answer it? My answer: anyone who knows how to make their loved person feel special. I suppose that is different for different people. A man who has been married 30 years and still takes the time to open his wife's car door or seat her at a restaurant makes her feel special. When a man shows that he values a woman's opinion and enjoys being with her, she feels loved. Many women feel loved when a man makes a big deal of her birthday, Mothers' day and valentine's day. Making time to be with her also makes her feel special.

I asked my husband what makes him feel loved. He said, "When you show an interest in what I am interested in. When we are with other people and you show respect and pride in something I have done. When you tell other people that you appreciate something I have done. I like it when you tell me often that you love me and I like when you want to be close."

Talk to your lover. Ask him/her what you do that makes him/her feel loved. You, too, can become a lover.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Intentional Soul Mates

People who want to become soul mates don't rely on a magical "falling in or out of love" feeling to measure their closeness. They decide to be close and they intentionally love each other. Love is a verb, something you do.

You intentionally let go of defenses. You learn the skill of listening. You show respect and you build trust. You cannot cheat on your mate and expect to become soul mates. You identify the things you and your partner enjoy and feel passionate about. You support each other's pursuit of what brings you joy. You take time to enjoy each other physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Intentional living brings happiness and the chance to become soul mates.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Look for Soul Mate Tips Everywhere

We have just returned from our timeshare at Wally's Hot Springs and Spa at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountains in Nevada's Carson Valley. We find a lot to enjoy in the calmness and quiet of this peaceful haven.

In the evenings we enjoy watching old movies on Turner Classic Movies. We don't have cable on our TV at home. I discover many wonderful soul mate tips in old movies, both things to do and things not to do. "Roughly Speaking", a 1945 movie starring Rosalind Russell and Robert Hutton had lessons in relationships that are timeless. Another Rosalind Russell movie, "The Citadel", made in 1938 also had lessons to learn. The outdated fashions, customs, appliances, transportation, and housing make the movies fun. Check out an old movie and see how much you can learn and have fun doing it.