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Friday, May 23, 2014

Gualala--Where the River Meets the Sea

 Sea Cliff Motel
Spring Colors Great Getaways

Spring makes California travelers question horror stories about drought. It paints mountains and valleys multiple shades of green. Trees, flush with new green folliage and maternity homes of birds and squirrels, accent the landscape. Everywhere life bursts into view sending a cascade of color into the scene.
Last week we took a middle of the week break to drive through soul feeding beauty to our favorite motel in Gualala, the Sea Cliff by the Sea. Sea Clff sits on the bluff's edge overlooking the Pacific Ocean where the Gualala River meets the sea. Two confortable chairs sit in front of floor to ceiling windows where we have sat for many hours watching pelicans, sea gulls, whales, river otters, fishing boats, sunrises, and full moons.A fireplace keeps the room warm and cozy in the winter. We always manage to spend some time in the two person whirlpool spa. A small refrigerater keeps food fresh.
Gualala has two grocery stores, half a dozen churches, two sevice stations and a wonderful book store named The Four-Eyed Frog. We sell our books there. Other businesses also serve tourists and residents.
On our way home Thursday we decided to drive north to Mendocino to visit the Gallery Book shop and Book Wrinkle's. We found them busy with customers looking at the abundance of books offered. We left copies of our books for the manager to examine when she returned.
The trip home winds through awesome forests of redwoods and emerges on Highway 101 at Cloverdale. We drove only a few miles before turning east on Highway 128 which goes through the heart of the Anderson Valley and Napa Valley wine country. Photogenic vineyards offered a great climax to our immersion into spring ecstasy. Two nights and three days of beauty and bliss. I highly recommend it.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A 25th Anniversary Tribute

Jason Bassett to Heather Bassett

Twenty five years ago today I was honored to say "I do" to my most awesome wife. She has been my partner when the days were lean and when they were plentiful. She has been my treasured companion in three states and many apartments, usually pulling the heavier share of the load with two or three kids in tow. She has been my confidant when I need reassurance and my biggest cheerleader on the days when I didn't feel very cheery and on the days I felt triumphant. She has put up with the many ups and downs of advancement or promotional cycles, odd hours, working weekends, and changing schedules on short notice. She has put up with my meandering short attention span, the sore and not so great days of learning to ride horses or motorcycles and was always there when I returned from some expedition. She has been right beside me in the hardest times of my life and can bring a smile to my face when I need it most. And that as you all know is a tough thing to do. I have been the lucky one! I look forward to the next 25 years. I love you, Heather Bassett. Happy Anniversary.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Ten Reasons Nancy's Birthday Should Be a National Holiday

Birthday Tribute from Ted to His Wife

10.  She has the gift of hospitality. Our house is home to others including animals.
       She makes a lot of soup.

 9.   She rescued green, black, brown, and grey as New York fashion colors.
       Who else can make people blush red with grey skirt?

 8.   She's the only grey-skirted woman alive whose  personal spokesman is a pathetic wobbly
       deaf old dog. Every day Nancy translates Rose's elusive thoughts.

 7.   For 25 years she has demonstrated that the best teachers in the world truly love every
       single kindergartner on the 32-student roster. She comes home with a burden for
       every soul.

 6.   She gives equal status to guinea pigs, chickens, dogs, and squirrels. She objected to
       my shooting the two squirrels temporarily squatting rent-free in our attic.

 5.   Because of her concern for saving the earth, she fills a small bowl with water to wash 
       her face in the morning. You'd think I was draining Niagra Falls by rinsing my razor
       under the faucet. Now I only shave twice a week.

 4.   She's low maintenance. I have to beg her to buy clothes at Target instead of Eco-Thrift,
       a second-hand store. Those designer-brand fashions she finds only cost $3. I'm all for

 3.   She has many ideas for things to make, fix, or buy and only one husband. Gotta keep
       her working or she will overwhelm the male population of Folsom with honey-do lists.

 2.   She once owned a boat, found shore. She was nicer than Columbus, but 
       Columbus was probably a better sailor.
                and the number one reason she should have her own holiday..........

 1.   She has flirted with miracles on her wait to sainthood: Miracle Whip, Miracle Grow,
       Miracle hair products and she has miraculously put up with me for 35 years.