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Monday, December 29, 2008

Love Makes All Things Manageable

I hope your Christmas was as full of joy as mine. We had 11 people for dinner on Christmas day. Our son from Tucson, Arizona, our two daughters and their spouses, our granddaughters and our son-in-law's father and his friend enjoyed the day with us. Love warmed the air and bathed our hearts. Today is the 5th day of Christmas and the joy lingers on in the form of recent memory. Love has a way of making everything manageable. Our daughter faces the possibility of a liver transplant this year and our son is going through a painful divorce. The love Everett and I have for each other extends to our children and comes back to us doubled. We all know it will get us through whatever we face in 2009. We hope the same for you.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Kevin Federline Says He Loves Britney Spears

"Just because I'm not in love with her (Britney) any more doesn't mean I don't love her," Kevin is quoted as saying in the December 15th issue of People Magazine. When told that Britney says she wed for the wrong reasons, some of Kevin's response was, "I can't tell you how it was for her, but I know for me. I fell in love. And I loved the idea that I was in love and I got married and had two beautiful children."

So what does it mean to "fall in love"? Could Kevin and Britney have become soul mates? What might they have done to make that happen? How would their lives and their children's lives been different? What kind of pressures make it difficult for two people who believe they are "in love" to become soul mates? Was it just the birth of two children too quickly that caused them to break up?


Monday, December 15, 2008

What to Talk About After 53 Years Together

Traveling from the Sacramento area to the North Coast of California takes about 2 and a half to 3 hours depending on the weather and the route we take. This time (December) it was foggy in the Valley so it took a little longer. We have taken nearly every possible road between Sacramento and the Coast. So we talk about all those adventures and the stories generated by them.

Sometimes we just reach over and touch each other and smile. Silence when you feel connected feels good. We talk about little things--the colors of the hills, a new building, the traffic, what we want to do, which road to take this time, should we look up an old restaurant, how long it's been since our last trip to the coast.

By the time you become soul mates you often find your partner saying something you were just thinking. On a get-away like this, opportunities to share thoughts, stories, comments, memories are abundant. All couples who love each other need get-aways.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Christmas Tradition--Sea Ranch

Every year we go away to write our Christmas cards. This weekend we left our home in the foggy central valley of California and headed for the North Coast. We rented a condo which is on the bluffs overlooking the ocean at Sea Ranch.

Winter rates are much lower and few people know that weather on the coast in the winter can be so sunny and warm. Nothing nourishes relationship more than time alone together on great get-aways. Walking, talking, reading, watching football, and writing Christmas cards. Warm and cozy in bed with the sea breeze blowing in an open window. Listening to the crashing of the waves against the bluff as you fall asleep together.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Story-Corps Promotes Listening and Talking

Betting that couples have untold stories to tell, an oral-history organization, Story-Corps, scheduled a listening day for Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. The national event stemmed from Dave Issay's Story Corps progam which has helped nearly 25,000 people record interviews on CD's to preserve their stories.

Everett and I discovered a long time ago that we have a wealth of stories to tell each other and we continue to create stories together. Long ago we discovered some places along the north coast of California that are perfect settings for story telling. We watch the sun go down over the ocean and don't turn on lights. Then we talk about pets we had and how we got them, childhood adventures, houses we lived in, friends we had, interests, accidents, fears, dreams, the bad, the good and everything in between. And just when I think I have heard all of Everett's stories, he tells one I have never heard. It's wonderful!

Now I just enjoy hearing again about how when Ev was 5 years old his grandfather sent him to the store to buy something his mother didn't want her father to buy and told him not to tell her. If you don't take time to share your stories with each other, you risk never becoming soul mates.