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Friday, August 30, 2013

Oregon Coast Getaway--Day Three

The third day of our getaway down the Oregon coast we ate breakfast a few feet from the ocean at the Adobe Resort restaurant. We sadly packed to continue south vowing we would return some day. What new things would we discover today? We felt lucky to have the sun's warmth along for the drive.

At North Bend/Coos Bay we took the road to Charleston looking for a light house to photograph. We missed our turn to go back to 101 and found ourselves in dense woods along the ocean. We discovered the gorgeous Shore Acres Gardens as well as a great opportunity to take a picture of a light house a short distance south of the Gardens. The road we had taken continued south but ended in a state park where we headed back to the road we had missed.

At Bandon we ate lunch and visited a farmers' market. South of Bandon on 101 Misty Meadows Jams and Jellies offers an abundance of choice jams, jellies, and other goodies. I remembered it from a previous trip through Oregon. We spent a fun half hour looking at all the condiments offered.

Two great nights by the sea spoiled us. When we reached Brookings we wanted a room overlooking the ocean. We found the Best Western Beach Hotel right on the beach. They only had one room left on the ocean side. It had a deep jacuzzi by a window overlooking the beach. The room was a little pricey for us, but we couldn't resist. We haven't regretted it. Have you ever sat with your lover in a jacuzzi overlooking the ocean? Priceless!

Across the street from the hotel a seafood restaurant served us the best crab louie salad I have ever eaten. After we had gone to bed some partyers set off fireworks on the beach a stone's throw from our bedroom window. Can you think of a better way to spend our last night on the Oregon coast?

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Oregon Coast Getaway--Day Two

After our great breakfast at Seaside, we took a long walk on the Promenade before checking out of the Best Western Oceanview Hotel.  Another day of beautiful sunshine followed us down Highway 101. We stopped at Tillamook cheese factory where we bought cheese curd, smoked salmon, smoked tuna, salmon pate, meat sticks and other snack delicacies. We left 101 to take the long way out to the peninsula southwest of Tillamook. We drove past lush green forests, a long bay and finally the ocean. We ate lunch at a popular tavern on the beach before returning to 101.

About 4o'clock we reached what was once an old Indian settlement white settlers named "Ocean View" in 1887. In 1916 it was renamed "Yachuts", the name of one of the local tribes that had been removed in the 1870's. We lucked out again when we spotted the Adobe Resort. We got a corner suite with a dining room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room with a fireplace. We could sit in our living room with the front door open and watch the ocean waves crash against the rocks. The price was an unbelievable $139.

The long Lodge curves to take full advantage of the ocean view. The restaurant and lounge windows face the ocean which is just a few feet away. We could watch the sea gulls gather on the beach as the waves splashed over them. Two small beaches, each covered with coarse sand and pebbles, are the only places for miles where regular smelt "runs" occur directly on the beaches.

We fantasized spending a week at the Adobe Resort as the rhythmic sound of waves splashing just feet away put us to sleep.

Oregon Coast Getaway--Day One

If you love the ocean, I highly recommend a trip down the Oregon coast in July. After visiting our friends in the Tacoma area, we spent three wonderful days coming home along the Washington and Oregon coast. We had a delightful lunch at the 42nd Street Café in Long Beach, Washington. After lunch, we decided to drive on to Seaside, Oregon, a great choice.

Seaside offers 35 hotels, motels, and resorts; two bed and breakfasts; five RV parks; and seven vacation property managers. Something for everyone. We chose the Best Western Oceanview hotel, one of many large hotels lining the mile long Promenade next to the widest beach I have ever seen. The beach has two volleyball courts and swing sets at two ends of the beach. This beach could host hundreds of visitors and not even be crowded. Bicycles, skateboards, baby strollers, walkers, and runners share the Promenade with no problem. A variety of restaurants and an aquarium located between large hotels dot the water front.

The Best Western employees treated us well. Our room overlooked the Promenade and beach complete with ocean breeze and the sounds of the crashing waves. Topping it off the next morning the restaurant connected to the hotel offered one of the best breakfast buffets I have ever had. Everything from oatmeal to sausages tasted gourmet. I expected the usual unremarkable Best Western breakfast, so this tasty start to the day provided the exclamation point to a memorable three day trip down the Oregon coast.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Satir's Third Freedom

The Freedom to Feel What One Feels

Have you ever said, "You make me so angry" or "They make me so angry"? No one can make you angry. You make yourself angry about what others do or do not do. Owning your own anger and other feelings gives you self-power. If children were taught to think, "I am making myself angry about.".......they would learn to own their feelings and not make themselves victims when they are not. Virginia Satir's third freedom, "the freedom to feel what one feels, instead of what one ought" helps build self power.

Power Plays Work Against Good Relationships

When you do not know or own your own feelings, you do not feel congruent. Your relationships become a series of power plays with win/lose situations. When relationships become power plays, power is misused. Use feelings to identify what is going on for you. That leads to good choice making and becoming a responsible human being.

Self-Power Gives Energy to Connect

Self-power gives you energy to connect with another person. You can make the other person responsible for your feelings or you can make yourself responsible. "Making real contact," says Satir, "means we make ourselves responsible for what comes out of us."

Friday, August 9, 2013

Satir's Second Freedom

The Freedom to Say What One Feels and Thinks

Virginia Satir, a wise woman, lists what she calls, The Five Freedoms in her book, "Making Contact". We often hear the word power used in a negative context. Essential to living life well we must understand the importance of personal power. Satir's five freedoms make personal power possible, because one relates from one's authentic self.

You may raise your eyebrows in disbelief when you read the second freedom, "the freedom to say what one feels and thinks instead of what one should." Knowing what you feel and think and accepting that allows you the freedom to respond appropriately and wisely when relating to others. Satir explains, "Making real contact means we make ourselves responsible for what comes out of us."

Own Your Own Feelings and Behavior

Owning our own feelings and behavior is prerequisite to change through all of Satir's work. It is essential for self-acceptance, growth and change. Giving our personal power away leads to living as victims, always reacting instead of acting. Some people live their lives always focused on what they don't have and believing good luck has made it possible for others to have happy relationships and marriage.

Good relationships and happiness don't come from good luck. They come from good choices and hard work by two people willing to learn and grow together. Living as a victim robs you of personal power and a happy relationship eludes you. Start where you are. Own your feelings, behavior and strengths. Then you can make contact from an authentic self.