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Sunday, July 27, 2008


Interesting question...How would you answer it? My answer: anyone who knows how to make their loved person feel special. I suppose that is different for different people. A man who has been married 30 years and still takes the time to open his wife's car door or seat her at a restaurant makes her feel special. When a man shows that he values a woman's opinion and enjoys being with her, she feels loved. Many women feel loved when a man makes a big deal of her birthday, Mothers' day and valentine's day. Making time to be with her also makes her feel special.

I asked my husband what makes him feel loved. He said, "When you show an interest in what I am interested in. When we are with other people and you show respect and pride in something I have done. When you tell other people that you appreciate something I have done. I like it when you tell me often that you love me and I like when you want to be close."

Talk to your lover. Ask him/her what you do that makes him/her feel loved. You, too, can become a lover.

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