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Friday, July 11, 2008

Look for Soul Mate Tips Everywhere

We have just returned from our timeshare at Wally's Hot Springs and Spa at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountains in Nevada's Carson Valley. We find a lot to enjoy in the calmness and quiet of this peaceful haven.

In the evenings we enjoy watching old movies on Turner Classic Movies. We don't have cable on our TV at home. I discover many wonderful soul mate tips in old movies, both things to do and things not to do. "Roughly Speaking", a 1945 movie starring Rosalind Russell and Robert Hutton had lessons in relationships that are timeless. Another Rosalind Russell movie, "The Citadel", made in 1938 also had lessons to learn. The outdated fashions, customs, appliances, transportation, and housing make the movies fun. Check out an old movie and see how much you can learn and have fun doing it.

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