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Monday, August 30, 2010

Marriott Hotel in Green Desert

The monsoon season brings fierce thunderstorms and heavy rains that paint the Arizona desert green in August. The magnificent Tucson Marriott hotel sits on a hill overlooking the city and this surprising resurrection of life in the usually arid vegetation.

Everett and I spent a memorable night at this grand resort mecca. We sat out on the large terrace watching the city lights appear in the distance while listening to guitarist, Gabriel Romo Francisco, play his guitar. As we listened a road runner stopped by to see what we were eating. We will never forget this very special night or our morning hike in the desert through the saguaro and other cacti bursting with blooms.

Often when I wish Eric lived closer to us, I realize he has broadened our world by sharing his love of the desert. We always look forward to the two times a year we see him. How else would we have seen a mother coyote trotting along the desert trail with two pups or a road runner curiously skipping around the Marriott terrace?

1 comment:

  1. Frances Kakugawa commented:
    Your words brought back memories of my first desert. I tried to capture it in a poem called Gifts Unacknowledged.
    Here is the last stanza:

    While over the Mohave
    The moon awaits
    In patient silence.
    A million stars
    Above the sleep.
    No child, no woman,.
    No one to touch.
    The desert sleeps.....