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Friday, October 24, 2008

Is Marriage Doomed and Outdated?

The Sept. 21,2008 issue of Parade Magazine ran an article entitled, "The Truth About American Marriage." Their national poll found that marriage seems to be working quite well for most people. About 88% of the people surveyed said they were happy or reasonably content in their marriage.

Parade"s respondents also gave positive explanations for why they stayed married, with 71% choosing "deep love" as a reason and 73% citing "companionship". Half of them described thir marriages as "loving and joyful" and nearly a third characterized them as "peaceful coexistence".

When you read that Madonna and Guy Richie have broken up after years of marriage or that Bill Murray and his wife, Jennifer are divorcing, don't throw up your hands in fear that marriage will soon be outdated. Most of us married people continue this process of becoming soul mates and it gets better and better as we learn to give each other the gift of acceptance and deep conscious love.

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