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Friday, June 5, 2009

Is Learning to Be Soul Mates Possible for Everyone?

"Falling in love" or experiencing false intimacy is nothing new. During courtship people often believe thay can talk about anything and they may have sex before they even know each other. That makes them believe they are more intimate than they really are.

Opening up to learning and understanding your partner over a period of time creates intimacy. That requires an ongoing level of maintenance that can be difficult. You may love your partner very much and still feel alone or misunderstood at times. This is particularly true when you experience conflict over something that is very important to you. It all goes back to the question, "How can I be connected to you and still be who I am?"

As difficult as relationship is, the reward is fantastic. Ask anybody who has been married many years and has successfuloly learned to become a soul mate.

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