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Monday, October 4, 2010

What Do You Talk About?

Everett and I have spent hours talking to each other about everything from what happens to people when they die to what we like to eat. We have told each other our stories and they never get old. Last week Ev shared something I had never heard.

We were talking about how we developed a sense of self when we were children. He said when anyone came to their house to visit, he would run to the bathroom, wash his hands and face and comb his hair. He wanted to look presentable. None of his four brothers or two sisters did that and no one ever told them to. That was a part of his own developing sense of self.

Our getaways provide opportunities to sit and reflect, share our ideas and opinions, and talk about the books we are reading. As we grow older we talk about values, lessons learned, our hopes and fears for our family. We continue to be very different persons, but our connection gives us blended wisdom--a soul mate benefit.

1 comment:

  1. My question is, if I dropped by your home today, will Ev do the same...wash his hands and face and comb his hair or will I say, "Your face and hands are covered with dirt and your hair is messed up but this must mean you know who you are."
    Having fun, Elva.