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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Georgia Celebrates Her 5oth Year with Soul Mate

Gene and I went together for three years after meeting at the church college/career group. We married in 1960. We kept our romance alive by talking, trusting, being committed, working on projects together. As we have each individually sought to draw closer to God we grew closer to each other. We never lied to or kept secrets from each other. We spent lots of time with our children and with each other. Family time was important. Since Gene retired we have been together all the time. That is pretty romantic. We have traveled in our RV extensively enjoying the beauty of our country. We have similar interests, such as learning more about the ancestry of our families.

A stress point is not a one time happening. I believe men have difficulty with anger. Responding to anger is also difficult. We are still working on this which causes stress between us. We work during the calm times to discover the cause and seek a better way to respond by exposing our inner most hurts to each other while seeking God's solution. I am learning to defer to Gene when there is a difference of opinion and leave the final results to God. This is a process and ultimately
God is in charge.

What I like best about our relationship is I am married to my best friend and he has never given me a reason to distrust him. I like being married to one who loves God and wants God's best for me and our relationship.

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