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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ted and Brenda Novak Together 27 Years

Brenda, a N.Y. Times best selling romance writer, met Ted at college. Her best friend brought him home after a Halloween party. "I normally wasn't impressed with the guys she liked," says Brenda, "but I remember thinking, this one is cute--really cute."

"The second Brenda walked into the room," says Ted, "I knew I'd met the wrong roommate. I backed off from having a relationship with her friend and became friends with all the girls in her apartment instead." When Brenda's friend got a boy friend, Ted felt it was safe to ask Brenda out.

Brenda knew before Ted did that he was the one she would marry. One day he said to her, "We're going to get married, aren't we?" She said, "You're just now figuring that out?" Once he was committed there was no looking back," Brenda says. "He has been steadfast in his love and loyalty."

Brenda believes flexibility is the key to keeping romance alive. "I try to remember that nothing in my life is as important as Ted is. Our marriage is the foundation for our family. That puts little things that can creep in and cause annoyance into perspective."

Brenda says Ted is a nurturer and there's nothing better than marrying a nurturer. Ted believes taking time for the little things keeps romance alive. "I try to show Brenda I care by making sure she has water at her desk every day, by making her a special juicing concoction every morning to see that she gets the vitamins and minerals she needs, by bringing her treats from restaurants I go to for business, by leaving her notes. I want her to know how important she is to me and to our family."

More about Ted and Brenda in my next post.

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