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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Relationship Skills Center Offers Hope

The Relationship Skills Center in Sacramento began with an organizational meeting sponsored by "Healthy Marriages", a national group promoting education and support for good marriages. Since that time Carolyn Rich Curtis, Ph.D has led a group of hard working volunteers in creating and nurturing an educational relationship center which has reached out to struggling couples. Here is the stated purpose of the organization:

Relationships and marriages thrive in our community

We promote the development of healthy, safe, and stable families where children thrive.

1. To promote the sustainable development of strong, safe, and stable families among those at-risk.
2. To teach young people the skills necessary for forming and sustaining healthy relationships.
3. To support couples as they transition from being a couple to a healthy family.

Look for a story from a couple whose lives changed after attending one of their classes.

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