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Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Hours Spent in ICU
Recently I have spent many hours in hospitals with my daughter, Janee'. Seventeen years ago she was diagnosed with a liver duct disease called Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis. Now she is at UCSF waiting for a liver transplant.

After we had four people fail to qualify as living donors, a fifth one did qualify and a surgery date was set for June 28th. That was in April and seemed an eternity away. We counted the days. On June 12th what we feared happened. Another bleed and once again Janee' was transported by ambulance to the hospital. She was in ICU in her local hospital until the following Saturday when at midnight they transported her to San Francisco.

A few days before scheduled surgery doctors decided she is too sick to survive with half a liver and her meld count catapulted her to the number one spot for a cadaveric liver. Meld count is the score required to qualify for a cadaveric liver. (Model of End Stage Liver Disease) Today is July 3rd and we wait for a liver to be available.

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