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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Jampolsky--Love Is Letting Go of Fear


Constructive fear protects us from harm, but fear can also block love and happiness. Imagined danger caused by superstitions and distorted perceptions can paralyze people with anxiety and phobias. Jamposlsky, in his book "Love is Letting Go of Fear" says, "Love is the absence of fear." That is certainly true of soul mate love.

Don't Make Yourself Victim

In our last post we talked about not giving your power away. That means owning your fear and not making yourself victim. You make yourself victim when you blame others for your feelings. If you grew up as a survivor, you may automatically go into a victim role. Jampolsky suggests asking the question, "What is real?" He goes on to say fear distorts perception and confuses us. I tell my clients to ask themselves, "Where does my power lie?" It is the prayer for serenity approach. Don't beat your head against the wall where you have no power. Do identify where you have power and use it to let go of fear.

Peace of Mind, Love, Serenity

"Peace of mind as our single goal is the most potent force we can have", according to Jampolsky. Serenity is what we experience when we ask God to help us know the difference between what we have power to change and what we don't. Absence of fear and nurturing love for yourself and your partner give you serenity.

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