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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Do You Feel Loved?

To Love You Must Feel Loved

In his book "Escape from Phoniness", Aaron J. Ungersma stresses the importance of understanding your feelings. "For millions, the inner nature--the self--remains unexplored territory, full of unknown dangers, hostile forces, fearful possibilities. Anxiety, guilt, dread, surge to the surface in modern man. He is unsure of himself and marked by a restlessness, uneasiness, and loneliness unequaled in all of his previous history. Instead of being shut up within ourselves, is it possible to be locked up outside ourselves--to be out of touch with our inner selves?"

If There is No You, There is No One to Relate From

Are you one of the millions Ungersma describes in his book? Think about it. If you cannot give anything of yourself to others, you probably struggle with feeling loved. Identifying and owning your own perceptions and feelings can be frightening and painful, but it is necessary to genuine interpersonal relationship. If there is no self, there is no one to relate from.

That is why the second chapter in my book, "Becoming Soul Mates" is "Begin with You". The first question to ask, "How can I stay connected to you and still be who I am?"

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