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Friday, April 26, 2013

Wally's Hot Springs in the Spring

We have just returned from a beautiful relaxing four days at our timeshare, Wally's Hot Springs. We chose to take Highway 88 to see the last of the high mountain snow. Silver Lake, Caples Lake, and Red Lake were peeking out of their winter covering of ice and snow. Photos do not capture the exquisite beauty of these Sierra masterpieces.

Wally's Hot Springs nestles at the base of the mountains about a mile south of the old historic town of Genoa where Nevada's first stage coach stop was established. Genoa brings thousands of visitors to its Candy Dance Festival the last weekend of September.

At Wally's the sounds of hundreds of birds fill the air in the spring. Dozens of geese strut in pairs across the vast lawns and walkway like couples who have just come from a mass wedding. One pair brings three tiny goslings out of their nest in the evening to feed on the green grass. In the morning they strutted proudly down the path with their babies running between them.

At night we watched hundreds of bats doing their spring cleaning, peeling insects off of plants and out of the air. The moon revealed three quarters of itself on its way to becoming full. We looked forward to sitting in the hot springs and gazing at the moon. Getaways make love grow!

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