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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Talented Chefs-Part 2

In my last blog I told you about talented chefs we found in unexpected places. It turns out Kalie Glass, the chef at Adobe Resort grew up in Yachats. His father, Jerry Glass was the chef at Adobe Resort for twenty years. He retired in 2009. When Kalie was sixteen, he began working for his father, He started in prep work, then moved on to line cook. Next, he became sous chef for his father. After ten years he became chef. He married a year ago. He and his wife have their first child.

Resort manager, Anthony Muirhead knows how lucky they are to have such a talented young chef. Anthony's background is similar to Kalie's. His father got him into the resort business. He bounced around for ten or eleven years before ending up as general manager at the Adobe Resort. He, too, grew up in Yachats. Two young men who help make Yachats Adobe Resort my favorite getaway.

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