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Thursday, February 19, 2009

George W. Bush's Biggest Success

According to People Magazine, publicly Laura Bush denies that she and George are bothered by plunging public opinion. And his critics? "Those people don't know George," she says.

"George and I have both worked hard to make our relationship strong," says the former First Lady. "We allowed each other to grow in ways that neither of us would have guessed." (Ladies' Home Journal--Feb. 2002) George called his decision to marry Laura "The best decision I ever made."

"George and Laura have unwavering love for one another that's grounded in a deep and abiding faith," says a close friend. Clearly, they have become soul mates in spite of very different personalities and backgrounds. Their relationship is George W. Bush's biggest most important success.

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  1. They have a great marriage, I miss them a lot...