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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Relationships Need Some Space

Some couples take togetherness to the extreme. They don't understand that spending time apart can contribute to growth and differentiation. For a guy to get away for fishing or hiking or golf with friends can actually give him new energy and appreciation for the woman he loves. Women benefit from getting away as well.

I recently spent a weekend at beautiful Woodleaf attending a women's retreat. I did a workshop on Saturday afternoon on "A Little Love Can Create Miracles". I enjoyed making new friends and enjoying women young, old, single, married. We knew each other by first names and not by labels--all women coming together to celebrate our faith and love of God.

1 comment:

  1. This is a great blog. Being apart does strengthen a relationship. It helps me remember not to take for granted out time together because I miss her so much. Sometimes mates need to invent something to keep them apart for a time...if only for a few hours. This time can be spent with someone else or alone...both are beneficial. Alone time gives us a chance to concentrate on solutions to problems as well as how to strengthen our marriages. Alone time can also be used to think of new little ways to "surprise" our honies with our love.

    Though this blog is serious, at the same time it is funny to me. Tomorrow, May 15, my wife Julie and several ladies from our church will be traveling to Canada for a weekend ladies' retreat. My son Charles and I are going fishing. If we lived closer, I would solemnly sware (or affirm) that you have been watching and preaching to us. LOL. Thanks for the blog.