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Monday, July 15, 2013

Village Green Gardens Oregon Getaway

Early on a Saturday morning we left to visit long time friends in Washington. It had been years since our last trip through the luscious green mountains and countryside in Northern California and Oregon. I had forgotten how its splendor dazzles us. Our destination on that day was Village Green Resort and Gardens at Cottage Grove located on Oregon's Interstate 5, just 25 miles south of Eugene. Rooms scattered through 14 acres of themed gardens provide a haven of peace and comfort for a perfect getaway. The back door of our room led to a private garden patio.

In the lobby of the resort we saw a basketful of umbrellas sitting by the front door. I am guessing July must be the best time to visit. We spent Sunday exploring. The historical old town had some interesting stores but most closed on Sundays. Cottage Grove, the Covered Bridge Capital of the World, doesn't make it easy to find the six covered bridges within ten miles of the town. We had a good time trying. We found half of them. We also visited an interesting winery with a dozen sheep curled up sleeping in a small pasture near the front door, bushes loaded with blueberries nearby.

We passed rivers, lakes, creeks and lush vegetation wherever we drove. I can't imagine the Garden of Eden more beautiful. We never met any unfriendly people. Some Oregon service stations still have attendants who fill your tank and wash your windshields. If you want a quiet peaceful getaway, I highly recommend Village Green Resort and Gardens.

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