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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hawaii the Ultimate Getaway

Our retreat has changed.

What Makes Hawaii a Perfect Retreat?

Just as the artist puts the last touches to a perfect painting, one imagines God created the Islands last. The ocean gave birth to these priceless gems to give meaning to the word, "Paradise". It would be difficult to find uptight stressed looking rude people on the Big Island. At Kona Coast Resort even the maintenance workers smile and wave when we pass by. Millions of people come to the islands every year to rest, play, and leave their worries behind.

As we stepped off the plane on Thursday, we felt the energy of the Iron Man race scheduled for Saturday. Two thousand one hundred sixty six registrants representing 48 states and 52 countries participated this year. Interestingly, many of them brought their families.

Since we were here two years ago, the Sheraton Hotel has turned its bar and huge open lounge into a beautiful dinner restaurant. The old lounge had been our secret retreat. The hotel is about two miles from our timeshare and we would bring our books and sit in easy chairs listening to the ocean splash against the building. Tables and chairs have replaced the couches and coffee tables. Now guests have discovered our wonderful retreat and it is no longer ours.

Restaurants close and new ones open. We discover old ones we had not found before Fresh fish and fresh fruit appear on nearly every menu. Yesterday we had a delicious seafood omelet at Smashers on the Bay. Everett and I soak up the peace and beauty of our week in Hawaii. We come home with renewed energy and appreciation of the many years we have loved each other.

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