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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson on Relationship

Anne and Kate answer questions about relationship in the January 19th issue of "People Magazine". "I don't believe in 'the one', says Anne, "but I believe these are people you're meant to spend your life with."

"It comes down to how comfortable people are with intimacy," according to Hudson. "People who are accepting of that usually have the longest lasting relationships."

What do you think? Can people have good relationships without being comfortable with intimacy? Intimacy sounds simple, but it is not. The word "intimacy" brings up every fantasy of love we have ever had. Learning how to balance autonomy, which means being in charge of your own life, and connection has everything to do with how well we do relationships.

No wonder so many people feel baffled in their quest for intimacy. We have a primal longing for connection, but at the same time we fear it. For more about this, check out "Becoming Soul Mates--How to Create the Lifelong Relationship You Always Dreamed Of."

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