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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Are Hugh Jackman and Delorra-Lee Furness Soul Mates?

"The Sexiest Man Alive," Hugh Jackman, and his wife, Deborra, appear to be on their way to becoming soul mates. Married 12 years they have made each other and family their highest priority. When Jackman was asked, "What makes you Happiest?' by a People Magazine reporter, he answered, "Being with my family, definitely, without a doubt."

"If someone asks me what it's like to be married to the Sexiest Man Alive," says Deborra, "I'll say' Damned interesting and a lot of fun!' Hugh is sexy to me every day because he is always truly himself."

Fame puts tremendous pressure on relationships. Fame comes and goes. Soul mate reationships last forever. I hope Hugh and Deborra will always realize that and keep their relationship growing. I wish them well.

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