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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

We Hit the Jackpot on This Get-Away

Full moon--balmy sunny weather--great food--uneventful three and a half hour trip to our old room at Sea Ranch Lodge. It all added up to a feeling of hitting the jackpot!

Through the years this corner room with its window seats next to big windows facing the ocean north and west has been the place Everett and I have connected and learned about each other. We have celebrated many anniversaries there. The room is rustic and poorly lighted with no television. We lie on the window seats with the ocean breeze coming in the open windows and watch the sun disappear into the ocean. We talk as the room grows darker.

When the Silicon Valley was thriving, prices at Sea Ranch skyrocketed and we had to find cheaper lodging at nearby Gualala. We could afford this year's winter rates, so we decided to celebrate my birthday at this special place. We took a walk and saw deer, seals, pelicans, and wonder of wonders two whales traveling south. We have a favorite log about two miles from the lodge. That is were we sit and reminisce.

To top off this perfect get-away, Monday night the lodge had an appreciation party for their employees and they invited the lodge guests. The chef is excellent and he had an array of great food set out in a large buffet. The food, wine, and people were outstanding and it was all complementary. I couldn't believe how blessed we were. We will remember this trip until we die or lose our memories, whatever comes first.

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