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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Little Love Can Work Miracles

"A Little Love Can Work Miracles" is the title of a workshop I will lead for the Fair Oaks Presbyterian women's retreat at Woodleaf on Saturday, May 1st. Attendents will figure out their love quotient and share stories about the power of love.

Many years ago when I taught first grade at Wilson School in Sanger, California I discovered that some of my little students did not know it was their birthday on that special day. Those children came from large farm labor families. I realized many children had never received a letter or card so I decided to send birthday cards to all of my students.

I continued to send cards to all of my students after I left teaching. Over the years they responded with telephone calls, letters, and visits. Sadly, I lost many through the years. Now I am reconnecting with some of them on facebook.

One student, who called to thank me, said that until he started getting birthday cards he had never felt special. It was especially important to him while he was serving in Vietnam. "Now," he said, "I want to do that for my children and grandchildren."

Sending birthday cards, such a little act of love, and to think that all these years later, it is being passed on to new generations!

Share some of your love miracle stories.

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