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Friday, April 30, 2010

Wholeness of Each Person--Separation or Soul Mates?

Borrowing from Anne Lindbergh again, she describes wholeness. "With growth, it is true, comes differentiation and separation in the sense that the unity of the tree-trunk differentiates as it grows and spreads into limbs, branches and leaves.
But the tree is still one, and its different and separate parts contribute to one another.

I like this picture of the soul mate experience better than when two people at a wedding extinguish two candles after lighting one together. Unfortunately, it does not happen that quickly. It takes years for individuals to grow a tree whose branches enhance the tree that has just been planted. Strong branches make a strong tree.


  1. These two paragraphs are comments for the blogs posted on Thursday April 29 and Friday April 30.

    1. PBPGINFWMY = Please be patient, God is not finished with me yet(Nor will he be as long as I am on this Earth.). I heard this statement when Julie and I fist got married in 1973. I've liked it ever since.

    2. A strong tree also needs a deep root system. Soul Mates are the same. Not only do we need the branches and leaves to be strong, but our relationship needs to be deeply rooted as well. Roots aren't normally considered to be the beautiful part of a tree, but without roots the tree does not get water and food. No water and no food = no growth, no limbs, no leaves, no blooms. Roots are all depends on how one looks at them. I believe that strong; deep roots are the foundation of Soul Mates and they are beautiful. Week roots will let a tree topple. If our relationships do not have strong roots, then they will topple just as a tree.

  2. I like that. Roots grow, too, so they are absolutely essential in this process of becoming soul mates. Thank you for pointing this out.