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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Celebrating Our 56th At Sea Ranch

You probably could not find a place better suited for getting to know your mate than Sea Ranch. Eight miles of walking trails beside the ocean, redwoods accessible across Highway l, sandy beaches, and rustic lodge rooms with ocean views provide the perfect setting for love making, sharing stories, and having fun.

We have celebrated many wedding anniversaries doing those things and more. We discovered Sea Ranch decades ago while on a camping trip to the California North Coast. We camped at Bodega Bay the first night, but it began to rain. The next day about an hour north we passed the Sea Ranch Lodge. On an impulse we decided to stop and find out what they charged to rent a room. In those days it was a little more affordable. We were hooked.

One year we visited Sea Ranch every month but two. There was no television, no telephones and the lighting was poor. We would sit and watch the sun set. We didn't turn on lights as we shared stories, thoughts, and dreams until the stars appeared and it was time for bed.

This year our anniversary was on a Thursday just as our wedding had been. Sea Ranch was the perfect place to celebrate. A half bottle of rose' brut was chilling in our room when we arrived. We didn't make it the two and a half miles to our favorite log beside the ocean, but we did walk to many favorite places.

The rythmic music of the waves welcomed us back. The yellows, reds, and oranges of the thousands of wild flowers invited us to record their beauty with our camera. The cool ocean breeze caressed us as it moderated the warmth of the sun. At this place, at this time, life is good as we celebrate being together for 56 years.

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