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Saturday, July 23, 2011

New Survey Reaffirms Old Values / Dating at California State Fair

Couples searching for soul mate relationships rejoice! A new survey reaffirms old values for getting what you want in relationship. Most adults are monogamous. Lots of teenagers are having sex, but lots are also practicing abstinence. These findings and more came from interviews with 13,495 men and women in the latest round of the National Survey of Family Growth.

Talking to couples at the California State Fair made me realize people are "figuring it out." Niesha Lofing, Sacramento Bee family editor, started her column last week: "It was one of our best--and hottest--dates. Last year, my husband and I had a date night at the California State Fair."

She went on to recommend the State Fair as "a great place for a date, and not just for teenagers," She shared stories of other couples who have discovered the joy of date nights at the Fair. Her last story was about Dominic, 65, and Laura,61, who have never missed a fair in nearly 43 years of marriage. "We're still in love," Laura told Niesha. "We've got gray hairs and grandkids, but we still have our date night at the State Fair."

If you are working on a soul mate relationship, date nights pay off. Enjoying the State Fair could be one of your favorite dates.

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