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Monday, March 12, 2012

Sharing Love Stories

This week we begin sharing love stories from people who have long term relationships. I will begin with the love story I know best, my own.

Everett and I met in spite of a million-to-one chance of that happening. In the spring of 1953 my girl friend and I mailed our contracts for teaching jobs in San Diego just before a midnight deadline. Neither of us had been to San Diego, so we saw it as an adventure. During our year there Everett's cousin, a Marine we met at church, introduced Everett to us when his ship docked in San Diego. I was already engaged to an Air Force guy who was in Korea.

I grew up in a California parsonage with loving authoritative parents who micromanaged me. I had one brother 16 months older than me. Everett grew up with 4 brothers and 2 sisters in Nebraska with older parents who struggled to survive the depression. His parents did very little parenting. Everett signed his own report cards. Church governed every facet of my family life. Everett's family seldom attended church.

The differences gave us lots of opportunities to learn from and about each other. Learning to become soul mates has been a life long process. Our love has been a great ride going on almost 57 years. I wrote a book, "Becoming Soul Mates--How to Create the Relationship You Always Dreamed Of" to help others learn how to become soul mates, too.

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