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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Adventure Trip-Gold Lake Forest Highway

Saturday night we stayed in a "studio" room at a river resort in Graeagle. That meant the bed was in the wall and we had to take it down. Mooing cows woke us in the morning. We spent the day going from one stunning lake to another, fishing some, but mostly scouting. What a joyous day filling up with the splendor to carry home with us.

That night we found a place with a balcony overlooking the roaring Truckee River swiftly flowing through rugged canyons. We climbed down to the river and found a couple of chairs at the water's edge. Ev caught a fish while I sat writing.

Friendly people met us at these serene get-away places. Campgrounds, river resorts, and lakes level people. We all share the peace, beauty, and tranquility that enable us to feel joy in the present and let go of responsibility for tomorrow.

All of this joy shared with my soul mate! Who could ask for anything more! Long live unconditional love!

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