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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Unconditional Love-Monty joins the Debate

I tried to put this on your blog but it said the message could be no more than 300 characters.

Conditional love versus unconditional love. To me, conditional love would be, "You scratch my back and I'll scratch your back. Unconditional love would be, "I'll scratch your back whether or not you scratch mine. I expect nothing in return."

I believe there is unconditional love. Here are four examples:

1. It has been said that we cannot have love for animals or inanimate objects...only for our fellow humans. Seeing as how I do not believe this, I can use objects and animals as examples of unconditional love. We love a vase...what exactly do we expect from the vase in return for that love? Most os us expect nothing. If I love a wild fox (pun intended), what do I expect in return from that fox?

2. At the church we attended in San Diego, there was a man whose wife was epileptic and in a wheelchair. The lady's body was terribly contorted. The only thing this lady could do for herself was talk. Her husband loved her and met all of her needs until the day she passed away. The man expected nothing in return. Even though the lady did love him, it was not a condition to be met for him to love her. There were no conditions attached to this man's love. This was his wife and he would love and care for her no matter what. Look for more from Monty...

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