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Friday, July 16, 2010

Discover the Convenience of Being a Follower

I have a friend, Frances Kakugawa, who writes an interesting blog. I don't want to miss her posts when she makes them, so I became a follower. That has been convenient and I look forward to her new posts. Each time she puts a post on her blog I get an email letting me know. It's that easy.

I checked out my blog and discovered how easy it is to become a follower. While checking it out, I accidentally became my first follower. If you enjoy reading my posts, why don't you click the follower button. I would love to have many readers interested in learning how to become soul mates.


  1. I'm glad you posted that about following. I enjoy your blog, but so many times I forget to go look for it. I have two other blogs I follow and many more that I would like to, but just don't think to do it.

    So, hooray! I'm now a follower (in a few seconds)


  2. Oh, dear! I can't find the "follow" button!