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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Business Techniques Applied to Relationship

According to author, Bob Quinlan, the same principles you use to make business successful can work to make relationship successful. I read all 233 pages of his book, "Earn It Empower Yourself for Love" last week while vacationing at Wally's Hot Springs in Nevada.

I agree that relationship must be prioritized. You must invest in it if you want it to evolve into a satisfying soul mate experience. I don't believe you can earn brownie points. Attention has to be a current every day commitment. If you take your partner for granted you cannot expect closeness to continue. Neglect will endanger the relationship.

Author Quinlan emphasizes earning love. Somehow that concept doesn't fit for me. Certainly loving relationship implies interaction. It cannot survive if one-sided. If Quinlan means relationship has to be give and take, I agree. Do you think people can earn love?


  1. Hi Elva, this is Bob Quinlan again. Maybe we don't want to think about the possibility, even the need to "earn brownie points" but it does exist. It's wonderful that you and Everett have loved each other for 55 years and didn't keep track of brownie points, but have you ever felt madly in love with Everett? Have you ever wondered why you stay with him? I know my wife has felt both extremes (as have I). I would suggest that these are periods of high and low collections of "brownie points." Love should not be on a "tit-for-tat" basis, but with regular deposits into our "love tank" (as my wife calls it) or into our "love bank" we can build reserves for many years to come. Likewise, some people withdraw from their "love bank" more than they deposit, which creates a vulnerable situation. Anybody else that questions this premise (or that of challenging unconditional love) may read the first two chapters of the book (or purchase it) at At least we're giving the topic some thought and not just taking it for granted.

  2. On this point, Bob, we may be saying the same thing. My point is that choosing to love must stay current. You can't rely on the love you offered last month or last year if you want the relationship to thrive. You must choose to love each other every day. Lovers naturally prioritize each other even if on a day-to-day basis the level of attention will differ.